With EVERY ORDER we supply a FREE hanging grid and pushpins for perfect installation every time.

shiner photo
shiner photo
shiner photo install kit

Shiners are your photos on wood. Your photo is printed and mounted on high quality birch wood plywood (4"x4"x3/4"*) and shipped to your door.

shiner photo

$10 shipping ($15 for over 25, $25 for 50+) 

shiner photo
shiner photo
shiner photo
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bedroom chicago
bedroom interior wall decor

Make your wedding unique...

Rehearsal dinner gifts, save-the-dates, post-wedding special thank yous, We can do anything and we are more cost effective than traditional print studios. This is a great way for your wedding to stand out and have something unique. Check out our weddings page for photo mounting ideas. 

shiner wedding photo


made in america usa chicago

All products are handmade...

 Any defective or damaged pieces will be replaced just email us.